Split Systems & Ceiling Cassettes

Refrigerated Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning has become progressively more popular, as unlike Evaporative Coolers, they can provide all year round comfort – Heating in Winter & Cooling in summer – and you are able to set the Temperature you desire! 

“Individual Room Located” Split Systems have increased in popularity, effectively replacing the old Box / Window Type Air Conditioners. Split System Air Conditioners come in three types:

  • Wall Mount Split Systems – The Most Common Type.
  • Ceiling Cassettes – Great when there is limited Wall Space, for Living Areas with lots of Windows.
  • Floor Console Systems – For when you have Wall Space – but only half Walls with Windows to the Ceiling.

Wall Mount Split Systems

These are the most Popular; with the Head or Indoor Unit located high up on the inside of an External / Perimeter Wall, and the Outdoor Condensing Unit located usually directly behind it down on the Ground Outside.

There are also options to have the Condenser installed on Wall Mount or Roof Mount Brackets, at an Extra Cost.

Ceiling Cassettes

This is where the Indoor Unit Console is located in your ceiling, mainly for larger open rooms, it is generally located centrally in the ceiling of the desired room for both comfort efficiency and aesthetics. A Site Quote is required for Ceiling Cassette Installations.

Floor Console Split Systems

Sometimes it may be more practicable to locate your Indoor Unit on the Floor as opposed to on the Wall – especially if there are lot of windows from your mid wall upwards encompassing your home for the purposes of impressive views, some people believe these are more aesthetically pleasing than the Wall Mount Split System.

Standard Back to Back Installation

A Standard Back to Back Installation is where the Indoor Fan (Head) Unit is installed on the Inside of the Perimeter Wall, and the Installer cuts the hole in the wall and runs the Pipes / Interconnect Wiring to the Outdoor Condensing Unit located on the Ground (single Storey) directly behind the same wall.

A Standard Back to Back Installation allows for @ 2m’s of Refrigerant Piping & Interconnect Wiring between the Indoor Fan (Head) Unit & Outdoor Condensing Unit, and up to 15m’s of Power Cable back to the main Electrical Board if required.

If you believe your Installation is NOT going to be a Standard one (i.e. the Outdoor Condensing Unit will NOT be located outside on the ground directly behind the location of the Indoor Head Unit) please contact us for a Site Quote. Extra costs will apply if the Installation is a Non-standard one.

Non-Standard Installation Possible Extra’s:

  • Extra Refrigeration Piping & Interconnect Wiring – between Indoor & Outdoor Units = $50 Inc. GST p/m
  • Extra Power Cable to the Metre Box $15 including GST p/m
  • Wall Mounts / Brackets $150 Inc. GST – Includes Brackets & Extra Labour / Lift.
  • Roof Mounts / Brackets $250 Inc. GST – Includes Heavy Duty Brackets, Extra Labour, Use of Genie Lifter
  • Left / Right Hand Exits $50 Inc. GST – Where Indoor Unit is on an Internal Wall cornering on a Perimeter wall and the Pipes exit out the Left or Right hand side of the Perimeter Wall.

ARK Air is able to supply Quality Fujitsu of Reverse Cycle Split System & Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners.


For more information please download the following Fujitsu brochures: