Servicing Recommendations

High / Heavy Usage

For Systems with high or heavy usage, we suggest you get a service seasonally i.e.: prior to the beginning of winter and then again prior to the beginning of summer (Bi-annually) – before peak usage times.

Low / Light Usage

For Systems with low or light usage, we believe that an annual service should do provided you have up kept the general cleaning required of your system (below). It is important with Refrigerated Systems to always keep the Filters Clean, as failing to do so will impact their running efficiency.

The location of your Outdoor Unit / Condenser is also crucial to the performance & longevity of your Airconditioner – it is important that it is free from debris and in a well ventilated location. Outdoor Unit location is also governed by noise restrictions – so this is another important factor to consider.

When servicing Refrigerated Systems – we find common items that require attention are:

  • Filters / Filter Media
  • Refrigerant Leaks / Pressures
  • Motor / Compressors
  • Power Supply



Annually or Seasonally:
Dependant on Light / Heavy Usage – Prior to Peak Usage Times.
This is provided the client regularly clean filters – usually every 2-3 months for domestic systems, or monthly for commercial systems, – and checks that the Outdoor Unit is always well ventilated / free from debris such as leaves / dog hair etc.


Clean Filter regularly
Keep Condenser Debris free

(The regularity should increase the higher the usage)

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